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Amethyst Pendant NA5002-AMY

Frederic Sage’s passion for jewelry began when he was exposed to the industry as a child. His father, an importer of precious gemstones for over forty years, passed many years of expertise on to Frederic. He expanded his knowledge in the industry when he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where he studied Art History and Textile Design.

Upon graduating, he was given the opportunity to design for a leading textile manufacturer. With a unique perspective and an eye for color, Frederic created designs that were distributed both domestically and internationally. During that time, he traveled to over 50 different countries and lived in major cities such as Milan, Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon. He also expanded his already impressive language skills and became fluent in 8 languages.

He eventually left a successful career in textiles to pursue his childhood dream of designing and creating fine jewelry.
His vast knowledge of the industry makes him a connoisseur in a broad spectrum of jewelry. His collections include natural shell, diamond, and precious gemstone pieces and are a refreshing departure from typical designs.

What is Frederic Sage’s mission?

“To create classic jewelry with a twist that will withstand the test of time…for all women.”
– Frederic Sage

Who is the woman who wears Frederic Sage jewelry?

Frederic Sage collections are described as contemporary with a twist and are intended for the modern woman. Frederic loves to take traditional designs and update them. For example, many of his bridal rings feature twisting designs, split shanks, and exciting two-tone gold combinations. He does, however, have an array of diverse looks and price points to satisfy different tastes.

What motivates Frederic Sage to create the next design?

Frederic has always been intrinsically motivated to create and is constantly thinking of new designs and collections – his imagination is endless. His global travels and experiences in particular have inspired him to create designs with captivating shapes and colors with the use of natural shells, gemstones, and diamonds. The natural shells are from various countries of origin such as The Philippines, Australia and Tahiti and symbolize a blending of cultures.

“I have a deep connection with everything I design and take great pride in all of my pieces; I see each of them as a unique piece of art”, says Frederic. It is with much appreciation that the American Gem Trade Association has honored his designs with 7 awards.