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Pearl and Diamond Ring 613055-7

The IMPERIAL Pearl is the product of an extraordinary collaboration between nature and humankind. Nature creates the oyster in which the pearl grows. Then the human mind – intellect and imagination – and hand combine to seed, cultivate, nurture, and protect the oysters in farms.

For three generations, IMPERIAL Pearl has developed the closest possible relationships with the world’s foremost pearl farms. Mutual respect, keen understanding of the challenges inherent in farming, and a sense of shared responsibility for the process and the environment in which it takes place, have forged a bond between farmers and IMPERIAL that produces benefits passed directly to IMPERIAL customers.

IMPERIAL is granted “first pick” privileges at the most coveted of pearl farms. Thus the finest pearls embodying the ultimate expressions of the “5 Virtues” – luster, shape, color, complexion, and size – are available to IMPERIAL first. And then to you.

For decades, the IMPERIAL Pearl Design Division has created fine pearl jewelry that has been worn by heads of state, stars of stage and screen, and discerning women from all walks of life.

IMPERIAL creates designs that set and anticipate trends. Pieces today considered to be traditional often appeared as the contemporary designs of their times. And current cutting-edge pieces are destined to become tomorrow’s classics.

What all IMPERIAL designs have in common is the industry’s highest degrees of craftsmanship.

After, the world’s finest pearl – The IMPERIAL Pearl – demands and deserves the world’s finest settings.